Rob AhernCreative Director

In 2010, Rob met a filmmaker and producer on route to East Africa and in a moment of reckless abandon, said ‘Yes!’ to a two month adventure through Kenya, Tanzania and Somalia which led to his photographs being used by National Geographic; a world leader in geography, cartography and exploration.

He has worked with clients and brands seeing business launch and evolve – having work featured in Elle Magazine and major newspapers and publications in South East Asia and Australia.

Joining their team in 2014, Rob plays a key role in the marketing team at Kingdomcity – a large and influential church with offices in seven cities around the world. He is an artist of considerable skill, occasionally speaking publicly on his photography. He is an expert in social media marketing on all established and emerging platforms.

Michael 'Cruisie' CruiseFilm

Cruisie is a young artist with a passion to create inspiring and unique projects. His work aims to capture people’s attention – improving and impacting the way art is currently created and perceived, always resulting in bold contemporary work.

He started working commercially at the age of 14, being hired to create outstanding visuals far exceeding those years older than him. Cruisie has been working as a film maker at Kingdomcity for three years, creating inspiring and influential film projects in seven cities around the world.

Since developing a valiant and fearless personal style – he’s out to discover new techniques, styles, countries, cultures and has set his vision to collaborate with as many people as possible to create the best projects he can.

Lachlan RobinsonIllustrator & Graphic Designer

Lachlan lives and breathes all things creative from music and film to art – incorporating all his passions into visual form. He is a gifted Graphic Designer, Illustrator and loves typography and hand painting script. Lachlan strives to always learn and push his creative boundaries to create works that influence and shape the way we perceive design.

Having completed branding projects for many Perth companies, he is able to capture the vision of brands and businesses and form design which manifest from concept to creation. Constantly adding to his skillset and mastering those he already knows, assures all the work he produces is able to influence at a global scale. Lachlan is a keen guitarist and his girlfriend is a successful florist.

Mikayla CoombesIllustrator & Typography

Naturally talented artist, Mikayla works with our graphic designers to create type, prints and hand crafted lettering. Her work spans from branding and editorial design to art direction and styling. She creates powerful aesthetics that form a world of their own, turning the inherent personality and condition of a project into consideration.

Producing at the nexus of minimalism and intellectual purity to create great work for living breathing human beings.

Cyclist, mother of 2, music blogger, Gilmore Girls fan and typography designer.

Skateboarder, nature enthusiast, drummer and vintage furniture lover. Producing at the intersection of art and programing to create not just a logo, but a feeling. I’m a designer and this is my work.
Our Portfolio

Our team know the way something looks transforms how it feels when we engage with it. We don’t stop at insights and ideas, at HolyHoly we want the best of the best for you and your brand. Our team love detail and craft all aspects of the output. Each time, the journey is rich and varied but the end point is always the same – beautiful work, that works. Our team has experience working with photography, film, branding and campaigns at a national level and we're now developing a global influence. We have experience with brand activations, interactive and integrated campaigns. Our team have had experience with campaigns and clients across lifestyle, property, ministry, publications, fashion, consumer products and not-for-profits. Together we demonstrate creative thinking; HolyHoly has space for the complex variety of our clients.

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